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 Nellore District, the Southern most Coastal District of Andhra Pradesh lies between 13-30’ and 15-6’ of the Northern latitude and 70-5’ and 80-15’ of the Eastern Longitude and extending over an area of 13076 Sq.Kms, accounting for 4.75% of the total area of the state. It is bounded on the north by Prakasam District on the East by Bay of Bengal on the South by Chittoor District and Chengalpattu District of Tamilanadu and on the West by Veligonda Hills which separate it from Kadapa District.


Administratively the District is divided into 46 Mandals, covering three Revenue Divisions with Head Quarters at Nellore, Gudur and Kavali. There are three Municipalities namely Nellore, Gudur and Kavali and in addition there are two Census Towns i.e. Kovurpalli, Venkatagiri.

       The district broadly 2 natural divisions from North to South. The eastern Half of the District adjoins coastal belt is fairly fertile and the western half of the district has low elevation towards west with large track of low shrub jungles diversified with rocky will stony plains.

            The Pennar and Swarnamukhi are the principal rivers, besides the streams like Kandaleru and Boggeru.

 Climate and Rain fall

The climate of Nellore town is generally dry and salubrious. April and May are the hottest months and the hot winds generally last till the end of the June. As the Bay of Bengal is at s distance of 15 miles from the city, the sea breeze renders the climate of the city moderate both in winter and in summer. The hottest day falls in May with some shift to June during some years. The coolest day falls between the months of December and February. The southwest Monsoon is not very important for this town. Winds are from west and North – West during this season. This town and region depends mainly on the North – East monsoon. The North – East monsoon occurs along the East Coast of India during the month of October and continues till December. This period gives about 60% annual rainfall.

The total Geographical area of the District is 13.16 lakh Hectares. Of this 41.3% alone is erable and 18.7% is forest area. The rest is distributed among Barren and Uncultivable Land (13.8%) and Land put into Non Agricultural uses (16.5%) out of the erable area. The net area sown forms 23.8% while cultivable waste and fallow (current and old) lands Constitute 11%.

The District is endowed with variety of major and minor Minerals. They are Mica, Silica etc.,







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